Weekend Kitchen: Zingy Blackberry Lemonade


The weekend is a time for indulgence but also a time for rest! So if you’re looking for some easy extravagance, fizzy blackberry lemonade is the cocktail for you! This cocktail is super refreshing, perfect for a picnic in the sun and it’s good for you! Think smoothie-cum-Bellini.

What you’ll need: 

150g Blackberries 

2 Lemons cut into quarters, pips removed

Sprig of fresh mint

50g Icing sugar 

Prosecco or Soda depending on if you want to get a little tipsy or not!

zingy blackberry lemonade

Step 1: 

Put the blackberries, lemons, mint leaves and icing sugar into a food processor adding 200ml of water.

Step 2: 

Blitz in the food processor until the mix is the texture of a smoothie. Don’t worry about the seeds from the blackberries; you’re about to sort this out! 

Step 3:

Strain the mix in a fine sieve into a jug. This is pretty messy, I wouldn’t advise wearing white. The liquid may need a little help - you can stir with a teaspoon in the sieve to help it through. Leave the mixture in the fridge to cool.

Step 4: 

Half fill the glass with blackberry mixture and the fill the rest with soda water or Prosecco. Sit back, enjoy the sun, and refresh yourself! 

Words and Images – Esther Jackson-Burton 

Recipe - www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/zingy-blackberry-lemonade