The Beauty Edit: My Bare Essentials


I recently read a feature lifestyle blog Me and Orla about Beauty Products that really work and it prompted me to think about the lotions and potions I consider neccessities.

After living most of my life as hoarder, I met a boy, we starting living together and he strongly advised I start to condense and re-evaluate my unnecessary need for seventeen shades of coral and six types of mascara wands for the sake of our two-up-two-down terrace and his short running fuse of not being able to find what he needed in our shared (90% mine) beauty drawer. 

That was 4 years ago. I still haven't quite mastered the art of buying in ones but through trial and error, I finally feel happy and satisfied with the working efforts of the products I'm investing in. So today, I wanted to share my old faithfuls and a few new pleasent surprises, I've discovered these last few years. 


Single-handedly I spend more than 70% on skincare products than I do anything else. As the not-so-scary big 30 fast approaches, my teenage spot scars finally fade and tiny, faint lines appear around my eyes.


I first discovered Aseop products on a trip to New York in 2012 and it was love at first scent. I love their Camilla Nut Facial Hydrating Cream to use in the day and by night you cannot beat sleeping in their Fabulous Face Oil , you wake up with a lovely glow. A few months ago, I brought Botanics Radiance Balm on a whim, I was staying over in a hotel, forgot to pack my trusty Aesop and needed something fast. What an absolute turn out for the books! This stuff is brilliant, especially given the £5.99 price point! It provides you with a beautiful radiance base, that shines in all the right places and I actually feel fine wearing this without a foundation.


This Works: Clean Skin 5-1 Water and my goodness it does. Every scrap of make-up disappears, even stubborn black eyeliner (liquid and pencil) and your skin feels plump, slightly dewy and not too dry like many cleansers that it literally eats your moisturiser. 


As you can imagine being full head bleach for almost 10 years, it doesn't do the condition of your hair any favours. I've come to accept I'll never have long, silky locks or glossy, shiny L'Oreal-eque mane but what I do have is VERY well behaved hair. You can do almost anything to bleach hair - curl it, crimp it, braid it and it will stay put. But for those days I just want to wear it un-styled and natural, I couldn't be without Matrix Biology Advanced KeratinDose Conditioner and Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray for a little bit of movement


My daytime and my evening make-up have little variation. Maybe a slight feline flick for cocktails and dancing but really that's the only difference. Being this icy-white/pinky/lilliac shade, which may I add is totally dependent on the shampoo I use, means I almost always have to keep my make-up pared back or the run the risk of looking like I've escaped from the circus or starred in a porno. 


I always favoured a radiant, dewy base with lots of light reflecting concealor, less than 8 hours shut eye (and that's pretty much the norm) and I'm cursed with two very large, charcoal circles resembling a Victorian chimney sweep. I've used Dior Star for the last year or so but sometimes I feel it's a bit heavy for daytime coverage. Instead, I've started using Other Stories' All Day Perfecting Foundation that more like a tinted moisturiser and feels lovely and light, balancing out my oily T-Zone and hydrating my dry bits. I know I'm a little late on the trend but after a friend's  recommendation of using an 'Egg' sponge to apply and blend my base, well, it's pretty much changed my life and makes me look as if I've never encountered an ounce of life's stresses and regular have 12 hours sleep. Or at least I like to think so. 


Brows have become serious business since the boom of Miss Delevingne! They are the one facial feature that can actually sculpt the shape of your face which is a comforting thought for girls like me who can only dream of having defined cheekbones and jaw line. Now, there are many mistakes to make along the way, over-doing it with the pencil can leave them looking fake, permanently stern or surprised but wanding them with a slight tinted brush such as Benefit's Gimme Brow, gives your beautifully, bushy, full brows in seconds. 


I love lips. Give me bold lip over a smokey eye any day. Despite running the risk of lip-sticked teeth and stained crockery, my lipstick collection will never stop growing. Ever since our first anniversary, my fiancé has treated me to a shiny new lip colour on special occasions. He was the first to introduce me to Tom Ford lipsticks and ignited a full-on, very expensive addiction. When I'm not wearing Cherry Lush by Tom Ford, Ruby Woo by MAC is my second favourite. I love a deep berry pink such as No Faux Pas by Mac, it's a nice alternative to classic red. Following that a vibrant coral like H&M's lip crayon or glossy nude are by staple day time choices.

What's your swear by product? Have you used any of the products, mentioned in the post above? How did they work for you? Add you comment to the box below.