That 70's Style


Where the sixties brought us androgyny, pop music and liberation, the sparkling seventies made statements. Bold statements. With disco, punk and peasant looks directing the fashion of this futuristic decade, below we explore 70's female icons, signature styles and 70's now. 

Ah Debbie, the ultimate bleach queen! Here she is in all her glitzy glory in the 1979 video and argubly Blondie's most iconic song, Heart of Glass. I love her punk-glam style with her asymmetric glitter dress with thigh-high split, sheer stockings, ruby red lip and of course that shaggy bleached bob. 

There's not one inch of 70's Cher that doesn't exude ultimate glamour. Despite looking a bit like pocohontas takes a trip to the Las Vegas casino in feathers, sequins, butterfly lashes and those talons, Cher looks breathtaking beautiful, in a way that this is an image you won't forget. Image taken from Vogue.

70s purdey bob

The purdey bob, also know as the bowl cut. Think literal. First made popular by the wonderfully, elegant lady that is Joanna Lumley and later resurfaced a popular style for children in the mid 80's, early 90's.  I was one of those unfortunate children. 

70s disco makeup

Bohemian music festival, Woodstock launched in 1969, igniting a trend for experimental make-up such as the use of bold colours, glitter and embellishment. New wave make-up was also made popular by 70's legendary music artist David Bowie and his ever-changing, controversial looks.

2015 has been a huge celebration of 70's style and culture. Whilst our modern day version hasn't been quite as loud, the warm colour palette, clean, elegant lines and the use natural materials in womenswear have been reminiscent of 70's 'gypset', the combination of bohemian fashion and jet-set lifestyles. Modern Seventies beauty is natural, adopting a less is more approach for the face, framed by bangs or centre partings and natural hair colours. Concealer and mascara are key products, combined with subtle lip looks, including mattified lip stains and coloured lip balms. Even evening looks are pared back.

Supermodel Suki Waterhouse's has such an amazing transitional look than can recreate authentic and original looks, be it a 50's pinup, 60's 'It Girl' or here,  a 70's wonder women. Taken from an editorial for Obsession Magazine in June 2014, Suki's shows a subtle side to 70's glam, with a natural hair colour, feathered bangs and matte finished make-up.

Big, bouncey beautiful hair, back when perms were so right. This image is taken from Marc by Marc Jacobs AW13 runaway show which celebrated bold prints and loud colours, exaggerated further with massive masses of gorgeous curls.

70s fringe

softer waves and sun-kisses skin work well with this sequinned jumpsuit. Finally, with retro reaching it's apex, we can look forward to wearing flares, feathers and sequins without feeling like we are in costume.

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That 70's Style Then, That 70's Style Now.