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Top 5 Exhibitions a to visit this Summer within a few hours drive from Manchester 


Every Monday and Tuesday we close our store and hop in the car in search for escapism. Working, living and socialising within a 1 mile proximity of Object means sometimes we feel like we exist in a bubble so where possible we try to see and do new things. I know we're not alone when we become a bit twiddly-fingered about how and where to spend our day sometimes so I've rounded up of my top picks of summer exhibitions, a short drive from Manchester. An hour or so north, south, east or west, they are the perfect outings for days when you’re free to meander and not wanting to spend lots of money. If you've visited any of the below exhibitions already, I'd love to hear your thoughts, post your review in the comment box below this post ! 


Visible Girls Revisited, Artlink, 7 July - 11 August, Free

In 1980’s female photographer Anna Corbin captured a series of subcultures, in which she felt women were underrepresented in Britain at the time. Photographing mods, punks, skinheads, rastas, young lesbians and rockers, these young women were ‘ flying their flag for individuality in clearly defined tribes characterised by music, fashion, geography and sexual orientation ’, Corbin exposed the spirit of these women and the significance of their unity in a portrait series depicting pairs of friends, sisters and lovers. Her photographic journal received great recognition in the 1980s and now almost 40 years on she has revisited her original subjects and captured their lives in a double portrait series. The exhibition provokes the question for us all to consider our own identity and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.


True Faith, Manchester Art Gallery, 30 June - 3 September, Free

Bringing together work by some of the world’s most notable artists, True Faith explores the ongoing significance and legacy of New Order and Joy Division through the wealth of visual art their music has inspired.  The exhibition is centred on four decades’ worth of extraordinary contemporary works including photography, album cover designs, performance films, music videos and posters by artists directly inspired by the two iconic Manchester bands. 


Feet On The Ground, East Street Arts, 5th - 14th July, Free

A series of powerful new works, comprising video, audio, objects, and performance, exploring the history and psychogeography of the Gypsy Traveller “stopping-place” or temporary camp, and its meaning in the urban landscape. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can join Gypsy/Traveller historian Amanda Reed to explore the unseen histories of Gypsy and Traveller stopping-places in the area, dating back over a century; and learn some of the stories that lie hidden behind the face of the city.


House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion, Chatsworth House, 25th March - 22nd October, £21.90

Curated by Vogue’s editor-at-large, Hamish Bowles the exhibition explores fashion through the ages of the last 500 years in one of England’s most infamous, stylish stately homes. House Style exhibits exquisite pieces designed by renown household fashion names including Christian Dior couture, Gucci, Erdem, Alexander McQueen, once worn by notable names in royalty, parliament and even golden-age Hollywood stardom at significant ad poignant times in their life. 


‘I Want! I Want!’, Birmingham Museum + Art Gallery, 1st April - 1 October, Free

This exhibition features work by 26 artists made over the last 20 years who have all been influenced by the rapid development of technology. Using computer animation, video, computer graphics, audio, photography, drawing and gaming technology to create films, moving image, sculptures, paintings, interactive games and small and large scale drawings, the artworks themselves tackle a range of themes such as human relationships and behaviour, surveillance and the habits of modern society.