Saving 'The Art of Surprise' this Christmas

Pile of pink presents

Every year I make a conscious effort to buy at least one Christmas present that is handmade. This comes from my decision to draw a big black line under the uninspiring experience of one-stop shopping where I found myself militantly making my way through a gift list, meticulously striking through completed present purchasing in one rapid-time hour. This isn’t what Christmas is about, is it?

See, this speed shopping behaviour isn’t entirely my fault, it’s a panic reaction to the modern day culture of gift giving and the art of surprise being something of yesteryear. So, picture this, Tuesday lunch hour web or window browsing, spies must-have in high-street safe bet, logs firmly in brain, screen shots and emails link, price and lengthy description to loved one, subject title Christmas ‘Wish’ List. Though the ‘Wish’ couldn’t be further than the truth, imagine your disappointment if that must-have wasn’t actually inside the beautifully, wrapped gift bag! Sound familiar? 

Christmas is about being thoughtful, to carefully take the time to think about what the person you are buying for would really like, not want or need. The art of surprise needs embracing, why have we become so fearful of receiving something we don’t want or need? Surely those want and need buys are things we can save for and purchase ourselves. 

I truly believe the best way to restore thoughtful gift giving is to buy handmade. To spoil your special someone with something they have probably never ever seen before, something they can’t buy from the high-street or from an online retail giant and finally something, an independent maker has spent time to craft, from the coming up with the concept to the development stage and finally to producing a beautiful and unique finished product. 

I’m a big believer in small batch production and think there’s no nicer surprise than to receive a gift that is one-off and completely person, it’s shows a lot of love, thought, care and attention has gone into the buying process. 

Object Style, can’t be everything but what it can be is a purveyor of creative, contemporary one-off design that has been curated into an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, that’s very likely to make someone you care about very happy this Christmas. So enjoy exploring our ‘Objects of Style’ gift list put together using products that have been crafted from our dream team of talented lady makers from all over the world.

Shop gifts for Stocking Fillers, £15 and under

1. Handmade Fashion Icon, Kate Moss Illustrated Postcard, by Object Maker Kate Merrick, £12

2. Handmade Skinny Stacking Ring, by Object Maker Myia Bonner, £15

3. Set of 3, Copper Coat Hangers, £12

Shop gifts for Secret Santa, £20 and under

1. Handmade Wise Owl China Mug, by Object Maker Ink Inc, £15

2. Concrete Storage Jar, also available in white, £20

3. Copenhagen Tea Towel, £15

Shop gifts for Best Friends, £50 and under

1. Delicate, Fine Bone Ceramic Vessel, £30

2. Handmade Gold 'Arrow' Ring by Studio Baladi, £45

3. Hanging Copper Planter, £35

4. Handmade Gold Arch Earrings by Rock Salt Vintage, £34

5. Marble and Oak Serving Dish Duo, £31 (on sale)

6. Handmade Cream and Black Tassel Necklace by Wild Columbine, £35

Shop gifts for Mum, £75 and under

1. Chief Bunny Framed Art Print by Object Maker, Ink Inc, £65

2. Oak and Marble Hexagonal Cheese Board, £45

3. Gold Cluster Earrings by Studio Baladi, £50

4. Set of Grey Ceramic Storage Jars, £42 (on sale)

5. Nude Triangle Print Cushion by Annabel Perrin, £55

6. Gold Cluster Necklace by Studio Baladi, £55

Shop gifts for your Partner, £250 and under

1. Handmade Leather Dotty Clutch by Rennes, £230

2. Beautiful Things Framed Print, £48. 

3. Handmade Sterling Silver 'Luder' Ring by Object Maker, Kirstie Maclaren, £97

4. Handmade Tetrahedron Stud Earrings by Object Maker, Myia Bonner, £55

5. Delicate, Fine Bone Ceramic Vessel, £42

5. Handmade Navy and Nude 'Gerrad' Clutch, by Object Maker, M. Hulot Accessories, £155

6. Handmade Gold Tube Necklace by Jessie Harris, £190

7. Handmade Gold Hair Pin by Rock Salt Vintage, £72

And if that's not enough handcraft inspiration, you can go the extra step and further support handmade design by buying 'Made In Britain' wrapping paper and cards from our Christmas Store.

Top Image: Mary Mcgee Interiors