Object Style's Guide To Homeware Hacks


Guest Blogger, Esther Jackson-Burton is exploring the multi-uses of Object Style homewares in today’s post. Sometimes when styling objects in your home, it’s interesting to push the practical and creative boundaries of products to discover new, innovative functions as well as the thrifty benefits of one product, multiple functions. 

And what better time to start experimenting than Christmas? With so many amazing opportunities to get creative in your homes and also in crafting handmade gifts for friends and family, Esther has put together some interesting food for thought for our special guide to homeware hacks.

   Image -  Remodelista


Image - Remodelista

As well as offering a metallic compact space for magazines and journals, our copper magazine holder offers alternative kitchen storage for chopping boards and utensils, displaying jewellery like the image above or even mounted to a front door, sitting underneath a letterbox to catch mail and parcels.

   Image -  Design Sponge


Image - Design Sponge

We love this collection of tassel wall hangings as seen on Design Sponge. Create your own 70's inspired wall art by displaying woven textile necklaces by Object Designer, Wild Columbine as hanging decorations when you're not wearing them as fashion accessories.

Wall tapestry was a big interior feature in 70's homes, creating an interesting piece of wall art as well as adding warmth and texture to a room. Recreate a bohemian haven in your home by displaying a bold, patterned textile such as Ferm Living's semi circle 'Kelim' rug on a wall. 

Get creative in your home office by experimenting with storage and organiser options. Try mounting the strap pieces from our leather strap shelves to display magazines and journals. Or for a larger display feature suspend Ferm Living's hanging clothes rail from a wall or ceiling to show calendar reminders and to do lists. 

Perhaps the biggest potential hides in the most ordinary of objects? Our copper coat hanger, can be used as perfect place to hang your jewellery, magazines and if you're feeling really creative this Christmas, as an innovative alternative to display festive decorations and cards.

Sometimes 6ft Christmas trees can overpower a room, they only really work in large, open spaces with sky-high ceilings that aren't all that common in two-up-two-down terrace houses or apartments. If you're opting for a real tree this year, make it a mini one and try using an interesting planter such as Ferm Living's tall concrete plant pot to display? A super stylish space saver in one!

And finally what is Christmas without the gift of giving? If you're looking to create handmade presents this year, we have an easy peasy suggestion that involves using our kraft paper festive gift bags as stylish 'plant holders' to display mini Christmas trees. Simply place the base of the plant (still in it's original container) inside the paper bag and secure with string or bakers twine. Finish with a Christmas decoration and a handwritten gift tag and ta-dar, a simple, stylish and thoughtful gift ready to give to a good friend!