NOSTALGIA: Remember when ?

 My memory box, 2006 - 2012. 

 My memory box, 2006 - 2012. 

They, whoever 'they' maybe, say youth is wasted on the young and I have to agree with ‘they’. Thanks to Facebook’s nosying into my younger years, I’m reminded every day of the awkward, insecure times of my late teens and early twenties, though you'd never guess from these pictures. 

Every morning, a daily dose of close-up head shots of me and my friends greet me. We pull the same pouty expressions a just a few shutter shocks apart, our lips dripping in sticky fruity-flavoured gloss, a tell-tale sign of our age. Sometimes we huddle together, draping our bare arms over each others naked, shimmer-tanned shoulders, shaping our other arm into the classic ‘teapot pose’, expertly perfected after watching a zillion episodes of America’s Next top Model (Thanks Tyra)! Then there's the ones where we purposely blink as if the bright white flash took us by surprise despite the 50,000 practice shots we'd just encountered. And finally, once we'd exhausted our faces and became tired of contouring ourselves into teapots, we would turn the camera to our feet, forming 'the circle of shoes'. 

It makes me sad that a big chunk of my youth was spent 'making memories' in the ladies loo. We meticulously documented every dull moment as it unfolded on our cerise pink Nikons, trying achieve what we considered to be Facebook worthy images and the heart-ache we felt that we didn't resemble a similarity to goddess-like Giselle in the analytical aftermath then followed. 

Me and my friends were rarely just caught up in the moment, dancing freely or laughing wildly; we were on the look out for that lens and ready to make photographic evidence that we were all having such a good time. 

So here is my point, if we are truly enjoying personal time in the company of our favourite people, why can’t it just be us? Why is it so crucially important 3 years from now to remember the dress you wore or the shoes that crippled you, they’re probably still lurking in your wardrobe anyway. 

Thankfully, as me and my friends have grown-up we’ve stopped taking so many pictures, despite the incredibly easy access of a camera with instant editing software being at the touch of our Iphones. And honestly, in these last few years I’ve had more fun than I’ve had in my whole life!  Despite, loosing some of those memories somewhere between the third or fourth glass of wine, I remember almost every second of the amazing times we’ve had. 

Of course, I’m not saying don’t ever take a single picture again, naturally there are too many nooks and crannies of the world where only you will see the beauty and those personal pictures truly are souvenirs of the unimportant things you saw that day. However, as for that time when it's just you and him, her or them, wouldn’t it be nice to just be completely immersed in whatever you’re all doing and to be having such a lovely time, that you forget to capture it all?