NOSTALGIA: January, Forget Me Not.


Not even a little bit late but a very overdue, Happy New Year to you! I've just about found my feet again, two weeks into January's tedious month of tax returns, endless to-do-lists and morning bed struggles. 

My purse, like many people's, has taken a hammering this Christmas which now means it's going to be a very, very quiet month on the social side which I'm trying to see as a positive time to reflect and start planning in the crisp, white pages of my new 2016 diary. 

We spend a lot of time thinking in January, don't we? Thinking about the books we want to read, the latest fitness craze we want to attempt, the must-eat superfood that promises super things, the summer holidays we so desperately need but we don't give a moment to think about our past? This month we are focusing on just that and theming our weekly posts to all that is Nostalgic.

NOSTALGIA: January, Forget Me Not. 

One very recent January morning, I opened my slightly-always-open wardrobe door and I saw the pale, grey cuff of my old faithful vintage shirt. It poked out it's crumpled sleeve, from the repetition tonal greys as if to say, "Hey remember me" ? And of course, I do. 

NOSTALGIA January, Forget Me Not

This shirt, had a life before it came into mine and it’s one of the many reasons I love it. It’s been in my wardrobe since 2007. We’ve lived in 5 different houses, student dives, city centre flats and now the one we call home with my husband Alex and my cat Pickle. We’ve danced in sweaty, sticky-carpet clubs until the wee hours and woke up still entwined, stained in cheap vodka, lemon and lime and lipstick. We’ve been to scary interviews where you let my nerves show in the form of two dark grey circles, peeping out of my underarms. You were my first choice of outfit on my first date with my now husband, he said he liked you. Your colour has faded over the years and a button is missing from your left cuff and for 11 months and 28 days of the year you remain unworn, but I’d still never let you go. 

Below are a collective of memoirs from Object Style readers and bloggers about that one personal possession, they’ll keep forever.

If I am having a “down day,” I have go-to. It’s a ritual of sorts. I open my Nan’s jewellery box and breathe in her scent, it still lives within the wooden compartments of this treasured token from the past. The jewellery box features heavily in my childhood memories-I’d spend hours hovering over it as I tried on endless pairs of clip on earrings, transforming myself from an eight year old to a woman of sophistication. And now the most precious thing in that box is the air that is painted with her smell. 

Gemma Thorpe, English Teacher & Object Style Blogger

NOSTALGIA January, Forget Me Not

For years this cabinet sat pride of place in my Great-Grandparents' living room. As a child, I'd try to quietly turn the key and take a peek inside. Even now, as it sits in my own home, I sometimes open it up for a quick fix of nostalgia. I'm pleased that after all these years, it's still intriguing small visitors. 

Abigail Carpe, Senior Designer at NoChintz &  Object Style Blogger.

As a young girl, I spent most weekends and holidays at my Nan's house. As grandparents do, Nan had an array of ornaments and nik-naks. One particular item that fascinated me, was a resin paperweight that 'magically' had a flower inside. Funnily enough, it wasn't used as a paperweight..it was just...well...there! When Nan passed away 19 years ago, I chose the paperweight as a keepsake. Although to Average Joe, it would mean absolutely nothing, to me it evokes fond memories of happier times. It has pride of place on my bookshelf and I will never part with it.

Tracey Collins, Object Style Reader

Nostalgia January Forget Me Not

My grandmother passed on many things to me – a sweet tooth, a love of shoes, handbags and coordinating accessories but my most important and loved possession is her jewellery box and its never ending contents.  I will not leave the house without at least 2 of my grandmother’s rings on each hand, I get self-conscious without them. I’m an over-accessoriser and I’m fine with that, if it means I can carry a little bit of my gran around with me each day.  From the most outlandish pieces of costume jewellery to the classic gold band she wore as her wedding ring, every item is just as valuable because it belonged to my Granny. 

Esther Jackson-Burton, Object Style Guest Blogger

There's a rusty old tin opener that lives at the back of a very cluttered cutlery drawer in my kitchen. It's been in there for 32 years, the length of my marriage. Oddly enough it still works, it just takes a little bit of patience and a few goes to lever off tin lids. I should have replaced it years ago and it forever remains on my scribbled weekly shopping list but as I approach the utensils aisle in my local supermarket, something stops me. There's absolutely nothing aesthetically pleasing about this tin opener and it barely does the job anymore, but it reminds me of the early days of the first house I owned with my husband and all the wonderful memories we've made over the years. 

Tracey Adams, Object Style Reader

Nostalgia January Forget Me Not

My nostalgia piece is a pair of gold sparkly shoes. I bought them one grim Saturday morning in Manchester 4 years ago, and they were the cheapest pair I’ve ever bought, £20 in the sale at Dune reduced from £100. That morning I’d just completed a radio interview for BBC Radio Manchester about being a wedding planner, it was my first year in business and this felt like such a significant moment that it deserved celebrating. That day ended up being far more significant though as it’s also the day that I went on my first date with my partner, when he commented on how fabulous the gold shoes looked I knew he was a keeper. Sadly there isn’t such a happy ending, I pulled the shoes out of my wardrobe this Christmas as I was hoping to wear them on our anniversary coming up in a few weeks time. They desperately needed reheeling so I attempted to get the other half to do it for me, but alas he failed so in our rush to pack up to see family over Christmas they were left on the kitchen floor until we returned. That return ended up being a few days too early as unfortunately we suffered badly in the flooding that has affected the whole of the North of England. The shoes are ruined and I am more devastated about this one item than most of the rest of my home. So lesson learnt - always look after the items that mean the world to you as you never know what the universe has in store for you. My mission now is to find an equally fabulous pair to wear on our fourth anniversary and on many more beautiful occasions in the future.

Michelle Kelly, Founder of Event Design House Pocketful of Dreams

Do you have a little keepsake that you'll keep forever ? Share your old faithful in the comment box below.