Creativity in Adulthood


As children we don’t appreciate the time that we have to express our creativity. There doesn’t need to be a slot in the schedule dedicated to colouring in - getting covered in glue and drawing over tables and walls is just a part of every day life. So when you get to adulthood, past school, past university how do you find the time to fit in a bit of arts and crafts? 

adult colouring books

It’s not simply finding the time to have a doodle, often we find it difficult to express our creativity in ways that are practiced on a daily basis at school – whether you write, sew, build or even garden, finding a space in the diary between going to work and trying to have a social life in order to write your own blog or bring out the gardening gloves is tough. With adult colouring books and programmes like Great British Sewing Bee becoming increasingly popular it’s obvious that there is a serious need for us to release our inner-artist, whether you can keep inside the lines or not! 

If you’re looking for ways to let your imagination run free but don’t have much time, carrying a notebook and writing down ideas for short stories, jotting down a poem or rhyme or even just a recipe idea is something we are not really encouraged to do as adults – keeping something for ourselves, indulging in our own imagination. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you have the ideas to come back to, even if you’re not confident enough to write them out. 

creativity in adultohhod

 If you seriously cannot find the time to create something of your own, picking up a grown up colouring book is a great way to wind down whilst getting your creative juices flowing. Replace your mindless flick through the Metro on your morning commute to something that helps your relax whilst doing something productive!

If you have a keen eye for style and are short on cash getting creative with the sewing machine and an old shirt that’s not seen daylight in a while is often the most fun way to create a new outfit whilst saving money and the environment – no air miles and no wasted materials. If you’re taking it a little more seriously there are loads of sewing courses available, which is a great way to flex your creative muscles and learn something new!

creativity in adulthood

Getting some dirt under your nails gives you a slightly more long term project – planning on the time of year you want to plant each seed, nurturing them through the wind and rain and coming out with something beautiful or edible is a great way to get stuck into something productive and the best part, you don’t always have to leave the house. House plants and hanging baskets are an easy, apartment friendly way to practice your horticulture. 

You never know where putting the time aside to express yourself could lead, Object Style itself is a great example of dedication to creativity resulting in fantastic opportunities. Sharing your creations with people who appreciate the imagination, skill and hard work that it takes is something pretty special.

Words and Images: Esther Jackson-Burton