Copenhagen, A City of Inspiration


Hello! This is me snapping a quick shot before CIFF (Copenhagen's International Fashion Fair) back in January. 

Technically I’m not a maker, designer, or artist and until the birth of Object, I thought my creativity would always remain a frustration. Over the years, I’ve come across so many incredible works by  makers from all over the world and felt somewhere in between envy and admiration, knowing my hopeless, stubby fingers would never be able to craft an idea into something tangible.

I still can’t do this but what can I do is curate a genuine, handpicked selection of unique objects and house them all under one virtual roof known as Object Style. I’m firm believer that travel is the biggest inspiration to create wonderful things and I really do feel my favourite city, Copenhagen, has played a key part in shaping brand Object



Every time I visit the city, I stay in Norrebo, an truly independent neighbourhood, 15 minutes north of Copenhagen’s centre. Norrebo is home to an eclectic mix of cool artisans, such as cafe Mirabelle (best coffee in Copenhagen), old-fashioned picture house  ‘Empire’ showing world cinema and No.4 Lady Fingers, a cooperative of six young jewellery designers specialising in sculptural designs. However, you’ll also find discount outlets, sex shops and an abundance of late night kebab shops all of which makes Norrebo incredibly real place and exciting to see what we will  be opening next. 


Boisterous and bold, bar Jolene located in Vesterbro (aka The Meat Packing District) is Copenhagen’s original dive bar. Think Euro dance, furniture that has scene much better days and treble measures, this is not the place to come and have a quiet cocktail. READ THE SIGN. 


Pick a cuisine, any cuisine and you'll find it, and to a very high standard in Copenhagen. Each time I’m in town, I make a special effort to return to Mother in Vestrbro. Housed in a former abattoir, the interior is typically Danish, industrial softened with cosy textures and candle light, but it’s the pizzas that keep me coming back. There’s pizza, then there’s Mother Pizza


Take 40 minute journey outside of the city and visit Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, rurally located in a beautiful park on the eastern Danish coastline. Aside from the interesting and unique exhibitions, architecturally the building is just wonderful to see and take in, the cafe and museum shop are well worth visit too. 


Object now represents the best of in Danish design, Hubsch InteriorsBloomingvilleFerm Living and graphic designer Kristina Krogh, although I would never have know about these incredible designers had it now been for visiting Copenhagen. Also, an amazing interiors company worth checking out is Hay Design, yet another beautiful example of more-is-less, contemporary Danish homewares. 


I have never been anywhere in the world like Christiania and it’s pretty hard to put into words without experiencing it in person. Located in the bohemian neighbourhood of ChristianshvenChristiania was founded in 1971 by a group of free-thinkers. They claimed the area as a free city, free of taxes and run by their own laws. Christiania survives and adapts and it is still a vibrant alternative hub in the city, with around 1000 people permanently living in hotch-potch of warehouses, make-shift huts and houses adorned with colourful murals and outdoor sculptures.

Images are not owned by Object Style and are for inspiration purposes only. 

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   LEVELS Print by  Kristina Krogh , £75


LEVELS Print by Kristina Krogh, £75

Grey Cork Vase by  Bloomingville , £75

Grey Cork Vase by Bloomingville, £75

   Grey String Ball Candholder, Ferm Living - arriving in August


Grey String Ball Candholder, Ferm Living - arriving in August

Marble and Gold, Barebulb Lamp by  Hubsch Interiors , £90

Marble and Gold, Barebulb Lamp by Hubsch Interiors, £90

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