Clutter Free House, Clutter Free Mind

Could this be the future handbag? 

Could this be the future handbag? 

24 hour society, sound familiar? I know I’m not alone when I say, those 24 hours are not enough to squeeze in the things we think we ought to be doing. From the moment your phone alarm goes off, the race begins… Roll over, check Instagram with one eye open, then check Facebook,  Twitter, emails before hurling ourselves out of bed and desperately trying to make time for breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day and if you don’t eat it now you’ll stuff yourself stupid at lunch with something oozing with cheese that’s not remotely healthy... Get to work, see yesterday’s to do list that remained incomplete, why am I so bad at managing my time? Great, another deadline just came in from my boss. Shit, it’s for this Friday and I’ve already committed to a bootcamp class tonight and I’m meeting Sarah for a drink after. I’m going to the cinema with Mark tomorrow and I have the blog post to finish because my one last week was late already. I’ve promised myself I will have one night where I get 8 hours sleep, well that’s no going to happen and I’m going to remain a zombie forevermore! Finished work (late), missed bootcamp because I was too tired, house is a tip because I couldn’t find my keys this morning and turned everything upside down and now I’m late to meet Sarah because I can’t find the blouse I wanted to wear. Forget it, I just want to stay in, eat comfort food and watch mind numbing television become engrossed and miss out on those eight hours of shut eye anyway.

And there we have, a very condensed version of what we put our brains through on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemy, over committing to social events and pressuring ourself to excel in every aspect of our life, as if we were writing our own obituary. Things don’t have to be this way. There’s no great revelation on how you can change your situation. It simply comes down to organisation and how a clutter free home can create a clutter free mind resulting in a clutter free lifestyle…

Dream workspace. White, spacious and clean. 

Dream workspace. White, spacious and clean. 

Why declutter?

Clutter slows us down physically and mentally. Getting ready for work in the morning can quickly turn into a battle if you can't see the wood for the trees, or in this case you can't see your house keys for the clutter. I'm a firm believer that a pleasant and calm morning can set you up for a better day. This means that high-use items should be within easy reach but perhaps stylishly hidden in a pot, tray or drawer. There are so many beautiful and useful storage products available that this is one area you should be investing in guilt-free. 

Studies have found a genuine link between anxiety and stress caused by our home environment. In the UK alone it is estimated that around 750,000 people live with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - an all consuming fear or feeling that everything needs to be 'just right' to prevent harm from occurring. Not all OCD cases are due to environmental orderliness but this statistic is still nonetheless shocking. Society and nowadays social media can add to the pressure of wanting to present to the world a none other than 'perfect' life. This pressure is building now so more than ever what with the parade of instagram-worthy homes and pinterest overload. Is it time that we take a step back and realign our priorities? 

   Beautiful, lived-in kitchen complete with crumbs.


Beautiful, lived-in kitchen complete with crumbs.

As our homes gradually fill up with people, pets and our life's possessions we have to look for clever storage solutions. The cost of moving house verges on that of the ridiculous and for many there is no choice but to stay put and make the most of their current home. More and more people are now turning to repurposing or multipurposing the rooms that they have available. Perhaps the living room yields a corner to a home office or the bathroom merges with the laundry room. TV programmes like the Great Interior Design Challenge and Kirstie and Phil's Love it or List it offer plenty of inspiration to supposedly seamlessly help us make this transition. Just how easy is it to continue living under the same roof when you're already bursting at the seams? 

Need a little inspiration to set your declutter? Here are five top tips for maintaining a clutter-free home and mind:

Blast Tidy - A 5-15minute quick tidy up every day can make the world of difference. We all wish we could do a daily deep clean but it's just not possible on a practical level so there's no point feeling guilty about not doing it. Instead whizz around the rooms that you use the most, if possible with a hoover as hovering is one of the best quick-fixes. Pick up any items which shouldn't be there, straighten the cushions and empty the bins. 

Storage Solutions - Invest in some attractive storage to hide away bits and pieces that you don't want out on display

Be Ruthless - There really is no need for you to hold onto everything. Unless it's expensive or irreplaceable then it should be donated, recycled or binned. You won't regret it. 

Tackle That Wardrobe - You've been meaning to do it for ages so stop putting it off. Make three piles – charity, Ebay and rubbish. (Only do the ebay pile if you genuinely will take the time to list and sell those items.) A wardrobe declutter can give you a buzz-like feeling as you do good by giving to those less fortunate, making a bit of spare cash and finding room for new carefully thought-out items. 

Do the washing up. Straight away. 

Oh and maybe one more just for good luck...

  1. Add a fresh bunch of flowers to a freshly cleaned room, and breathe.
small spaces do not mean more mess.

small spaces do not mean more mess.



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5 simple steps to organising your home and keeping it that way.