TRENDVISION: Echoes of the Sea


Greetings from sunny Gothenburg! This is my second time visiting Sweden and around my tenth visit Scandanavia. The genuine kindness of the people, the creativity of the design and the calmness of the culture, keeps prompting my return visits. Yesterday we visited THE GOTHENBURG ARCHIPELAGO, a cluster of tiny idyllic islands, many of which are car-free. We stayed the night in a modest yet incredibly beautiful Swedish log cabin situated on the edge of a lake pool. It's the most tranquil place I've ever visited. There's something so inspiring about the stillness of the water, it's wonderfully peaceful and relaxing, allowing you to escape into it's calmness and think of nothing at all. 

Today, I'm delighted to introduce Helen Williams, an Interior Stylist and Art Director based in London who has written a TRENDVISION feature for Object Style. Further exploring the want to create areas of tranquility in our homes, Helen's feature entitled Echoes of the Sea and looks beyond obvious sea inspired interiors. 

The allure of the sea will always inspire the interior world as elements of the sea invited into the home can create a relaxing and tranquil environment. Of course typical visions of anchors and ropes need not make an appearance, as there is a more grown-up approach that will inspire you to embrace this trend into your home. Embrace echoes of the sea with these simple inspirational tips.

Tones of the sea are scattered throughout a minimal backdrop of whites and greys. This can be achieved by assembling different shaped glass bottles in aquamarine, teal, turquoise and jade to echo colours of the sea. For the rest of the room, opt for wooden pieces of varying textures and sand down wood to create a rustic, sun bleached effect - as if to recreate a scene from a relaxing vacation lounging on a deck overlooking the serene ocean.

For the bedroom or living room, scatter cushions of hues of deep blue alongside minimal prints as seen in H&M Home. Compliment with a statement cushion of an illustration of an animal that can be found in the depths of the sea. Styling props such as netting and reeds can add authenticity to the look.

Elements of the sea can be introduced to a dinner party setting with a rustic wooden table embellished with collections of seashells and pebbles among candles as a centrepiece. Layering napkins in shades of light grey and blues can recreate textures of waves and glassware can be kept minimal to remain the focus on the sea inspired styling of the table. Now all that is left is for seafood to be enjoyed on the menu!

Words: Helen Williams

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