An Interview with Eszter Áron, the founder of Hungarian fashion brand, Aeron Studio


Budapest-based ÁERON is a womenswear brand focussing on quality, innovative craftsmanship and effortless elegance.  Here at OBJECT we have the pleasure of being ÁERON’s first UK stockist. I spoke to ÁERON’s designer and founder Eszter Áron about inspirations, fabric and a minimal aesthetic. 

Sarah:  You live and work in Budapest.  What about the city inspires you?

Eszter: Budapest has always been a huge inspiration to me. It is a vividly calm place, especially compared to other big cities – in Budapest there is a sense of both tranquility and bustle at the same time. The city has changed a lot over the past few years and has become this really bohemian and underground place with lots of very different scenes. You can find something extraordinary around every corner. It is hard to describe this city, you have to see it and breath it in. 

S:  What’s a day in the ÁERON studio like?

E: The ÁERON studio is a quite a teeming place, we have our office and workshop in the same space so we work very closely together. We usually have a quick meeting in the morning to plan our day and the tasks that are ahead of us. I do the drawing alone in my apartment but then the period of implementation happens in the office. In those weeks we have fittings every second day to perfect the new styles. There is a great team around me that does an amazing job so I can focus most of my attention on designing the clothes. My dog is with me in the office everyday, she is an important member of the team ☺

S:You come from generations of tailors, how was your path into fashion influenced by your families textile heritage?

E: My family had a textile shop so my mom visited fairs frequently and came home with the most exquisite and unique fabrics. I was exposed to a variety of interesting garments from an early age. It has been a great asset to become familiar with quality fabrics and it is a passion me and my mother share. Finding the perfect fabrics for my collections is something I take very seriously. 

S: There is a big emphasis on interesting and unusual fabrics in the ÁERON collection from technical perforated cotton to Japanese suede, what’s your favourite fabric to work with?

E: I prefer garments that are sort of firm, that are somewhat sculptural. I enjoy clean and flat surfaces and interesting textures. There are essentially two types of fabric that I am a fan of: the classic ones, such as wool and silk and the new modern Japanese fabrics. My current favourite is the organic Japanese suede, that played an important role in my Fall-Winter 15/16 collection. 

S: As you know at OBJECT we love to celebrate creative women, tell me about the ÁERON customer and how she wears the brand? 

E: The ÁERON woman is defined by character and not age. She is a visionary woman who lives in the very moment. She is creative, open-minded and independent at the same time. The ÁERON woman represents an image of understated luxury by making a discreet statement with her garments each and every day. She is the new vision of femininity. 

S: What about you, how do you dress for work? Do you have a daily uniform? 

E: I don’t have a daily uniform. I dress super casual and effortless and I wear something from Áeron almost everyday. 

S: The ÁERON brand exudes understated cool.  Women all over the world are embracing this kind of minimal aesthetic, how does it appeal to you?

E: I completely identify with them, this is one of the main directions of our brand. It’s clean and explicit but also expressive and contemporary. I find it very exciting to combine silhouettes from a previous era with modern fabrics and find a complimentary balance between them. At ÁERON our main inspiration is to combine sophisticated tailoring with contemporary garments to create effortless elegance in our collections. 

Words: Sarah Britton 

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