Your Weekend 27th - 28th June 2015


Every Thursday Object Style will be bringing you a eclectic variety of nationwide events taking every weekend, in a city near you! We promise you'll never be sat twiddling your thumbs, racking your brains for what to do ever again!

This week, I'm delighted to introduce a new female blogger to Object's growing collective. Today, Esther Jackson-Burton, a recent graduate in Television Production who writes her own blog over at Revolver Revolver is covering exciting events up and down the country and also in Berlin, ensuring your weekend is filled indulgent, inspiring and innovative activity. 

The final weekend of June should be a big one, the final weekend of the beginning of summer! The sun should be shining, the cider should be flowing and you should be eating anything that you can fit on the barbecue. Sadly this is not always the case and if you are looking for something to avoid the rain pouring down on your garden party here is a list of the top five things to do this weekend: 

Making it Work, London

Inspirational women and brunch – how perfect! The WW Club is for working women, they are putting on a talk at ACE Hotel, Shoreditch and the talk is completely free (the brunch is not, but completely worth it)! The line up looks fabulous and if you need some get up and go this seems like a fantastic way to spend your Sunday. 

Find out more - www.thewwclub.com

Whitworth Art Gallery Saturday Supplement – The 1960’s, Manchester

If you’re in Manchester over the weekend and you want some shelter from the rainy city’s typical showers and you have a particular affinity with the decade of short skirts and free love (who doesn’t?) then Whitworth Art Gallery is the place to be. Their regular Saturday slot of informal talks and workshops is all about the 1960’s this weekend, you’re bound to learn something and you get to wear a mini skirt – perfect. 

Find out more -www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk

The Fit Festival, Edinburgh

Is there any better motivation for getting bikini ready than having a whole city to do it with you? Edinburgh’s Fit Festival has every kind of class you could want in order to get a little fitter; from nutrition to abs blast there’s got to be something for you. 

Find out more - www.thisisedinburgh.com

Kreuzberg’s Bergmannstrasse, Berlin

Probably the coolest event on the list – a jazz festival in Berlin, get the black roll necks ready. Except this looks a little more colourful than you’d expect. With world food stalls and over 50 acts to play it’s possibly the most fun to have in Berlin this weekend

Find out more -www.visitberlin.de

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset

Last but almost certainly not least: It’s been hard to avoid the chatter of Glastonbury festival this month and with a line up that includes Patti Smith, Paul Weller, Lionel Richie and Kanye West it’s understandable. If you’re not off to enjoy the mud and the music at least there’s the opportunity to stay dry and watch it on TV and then there’s the added excitement of seeing what ensemble Kate Moss and Alexa Chung are donning this year! 

Find out more - www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

Words: Esther Jackson-Burton

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What's happening in your city this weekend?